Angel adopted me right before Christmas, 2010.  I was living in Phoenix, helping my youngest daughter through chemo.  Every night, when I would come home from spending the day with my daughter, I would find Angel hanging out on my front porch, lying underneath my patio furniture.  She looked so sweet, and although she wanted attention, she would hiss and growl whenever I tried to pet her.  


One night I came home very tired and sad.  I looked at Angel, (whom I hadn't named yet) and commented as I opened my door, "it's okay if you don't want to make friends.  I'll keep feeding you outside and I'll live inside."  At that moment as the door swung open Angel rushed inside.  She jumped on the bed and immediately began washing her fuzzy face, glancing up at me as if to say, "I'm here to stay."  And she has.


The next day Angel came in heat and I immediately took her to the vet.  Upon examination the vet found two staples in her back, one in her tail, and a rubber band around her throat.  Someone had terribly abused this beautiful eight month old kitten.

Angel's personality is so serene that one would never know how horrific her early kitten-hood was however, she still hisses and growls during sleep obviously having nightmares.

Angel says, "Although I love to be loved, I do not like to be picked up.  I feel safe and comfortable lying next to you in bed, but I will not snuggle in your lap. I used to have digestion problems, but mom and my vet finally found a food that I can tolerate and it's the only brand I can eat.  I've not been around kids, dogs and other cats for a few years.  I am shy but when it's just my human and myself, I am very happy and content.  I bring my toys in her bed while shes sleeping. I enjoy playing tag with my human, hiding out in boxes, and underneath the covers.  But when company comes over, you'll find me under the bed, waiting for them to leave.  I've had all my shots, and use the litter box religiously.  I am very clean and healthy although a bit overweight.  Any questions?"

Email - and tell me why Angel would be a welcomed addition to your family.